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Gamat Bay is a dive site that can be explored only by experienced divers, as it experiences unpredictable strong currents. It features a slope reef, with a plateau between 6 meters and 8 meters deep and a wall that descends at 40 meters of depth.

The bottom of Gamat Bay is dominated by sand, patches of coral and bommies. There are both soft and hard corals at this dive spot as well as gorgonians. All of these shelter nudibranchs, reef fish, unicornfish, surgeonfish, groupers, besides moray eels, sweetlips, scorpionfish and stingrays.

Apex predators such as white-tip reef sharks are also present here, while turtles can be found hiding in small caves.

Dive site info provided by Amber Ellie Sevarys on Feb 5, 2019

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