red wide bodied pipefish, among the top marine species discovered in 2020

Top 10 Marine Species Discovered in 2020

About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered. The planet has one global ocean that has been divided into distinct geographic regions. Only 20 percent of it is visible to us. Scientists say that 80 percent of the ocean has never been mapped, explored, or even seen by humans. There’s still so much to learn about what it holds.

The World Register of Marine Species is a comprehensive database managed by hundreds of scientists worldwide. About 2,000 marine species are discovered every year and entered into the register. Earlier this month, researchers contributing to the World Register of Marine Species released their list of 10 favorite marine species that were discovered in 2020.

Without any further ado, here are the fascinating species humans have only recently found and described:

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underwater museum of cannes

Cannes Opened Its First Underwater Museum

Resembling something like the modern versions of the ancient moai figures of Easter Island, six stone faces now welcome divers eager to explore the underwater world off the French resort town of Cannes. This is the first project of this kind in the area, and who else to contribute to this remarkable museum than the renowned British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor.

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black sam bellamy and his crew

Pirate Bones Found on 18th-century Shipwreck off Cape Cod

The remains of at least six pirates were discovered in a 300-year-old shipwreck off the coast of Cape Cod, announced the Whydah Pirate Museum in West Yarmouth. Along with the human skeletons, the investigative team from the museum came across several artifacts, including small gold bars and silver coins.

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oil rig at sunset

Rigs-to-Reefs: Could Old Oil Rigs Help Save Marine Life?

Thousands of oil rigs pierce the surface of the water throughout the world. Some are still functional and drilling for oil, while others have been abandoned or partially removed. Oil rigs may not look like much above the surface, but underwater they provide some amazing photographic opportunities. These massive metal structures provide habitat to an abundance of marine life, which is also part of the reason why oil rigs have become such popular destinations for scuba divers in search of something else than natural reefs.

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noaa diver inspecting wreck

6 Virtual Underwater Museums You Can Visit from Your Computer

Underwater cultural heritage sites are fascinating for both researchers and the general public. Some of these spots are not easily accessible, but thanks to the advancements in technology it is now possible to explore these magnificent sites without getting wet. We’ve compiled some of the most interesting virtual underwater museums so you can discover historical wrecks from behind the screen.

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SS Thistlegorm wreck, one of the most famous shipwrecks in the world

8 Famous Shipwrecks You Can Dive

People have long been fascinated with shipwrecks and the treasures they may hold. These windows to the past connect us to our cultural heritage and teach us lessons about the impact of the environment, human error, or war upon human life. These wrecks can ultimately help the environment as over time, they can become a habitat for many marine plants and animals.

Due to their size or history, some shipwrecks have become more popular than others. Let’s look at the most famous shipwrecks that you can get up close to.

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